World Series of Comedy semi-final round

I placed in the semi-final round, which meant I get to advance to the final round of the World Series of Comedy at the Loony Bin, Little Rock on Wednesday, April 26. Actually, it was a whole thing with a tie between another comedian, and then we had to do a whole, dramatic sudden death round against each other where we each got :60 seconds to make the audience laugh. We both did well. I told my Ian McKellan story, which is awesomer than shit. Then, to figure out who won, they did a whole applause meter, the results of which were inconclusive. In the end, I got slightly more applause or something because someone handed the emcee a slip of paper that said, "Aaron," and here we are. In truth, all of the comics did well. It was a really fun night, all around.

I posted this already on social media because social media averages about 4 billion more average daily users than this site. So, that's why this post is late. Also, I only slept four hours last night because baby.