Icelandic Penis Museum

I don’t know much in this world, but I do know that when a friend texts you a link to an Icelandic museum devoted to penises, and you have a song about a penis, you sit down immediately and send them this:

“Hello. I would like to inquire about your museum. I have written and released a song called “Penis Tsunami,” and it is about a penis. I am interested in submitting my song into the songs-about-penises wing of your museum. If your museum does not have a subsection devoted to music written about penises, as it should, then I am interested in offering my song, “Penis Tsunami,” as the first submission. I think we could all agree that songs about penises are universal, in that they span the world’s many cultures as well as the eras of man. I humbly submit that “Penis Tsunami” may stand as one of mankind’s highest achievements in penile-themed songcraft.

Here is a secret SoundCloud link, so that you may listen to my song to determine its eligibility for consideration as a potential exhibit. Thank you for your time and consideration.

— Aaron Sarlo”

To quote my friends text: Sometimes you gotta think outside the cocks.

Life is fun.