So many songs…

In 2015, my wife and I became pregnant. Honestly, it was mostly her being pregnant. I only look pregnant due to the fact that I’m morbidly obese. But that’s another matter.

So, we found out we were pregnant that summer, so that fall I headed into the studio to track a holy shit ton of new music. We tracked the basics: drums and bass, and then I shelved the tracks until a future date after which I would have spent the appropriate amount of time being a new dad.

Flash forward to spring, 2019. My wife and I bought our first home. We moved our family into our new abode, and suddenly I had a massive new studio I had to set up. I spent the spring doing just that, and now Legitimate Businessman Studios is alive and well.

And, boy fuckin’ howdy is it functional. I am in the midst of (FINALLY) getting to work on… let me count them real quick… 46 songs spanning multiple bands and projects.

Long story short… New Aaron Sarlo music will be flooding all over 2020 like a gushing river of bounty.