About Aaron Sarlo

Aaron Sarlo was born in Evanston, Illinois. He migrated to Little Rock, Arkansas at the age of eleven. In his early twenties, he founded the power-pop band, Techno Squid Eats Parliament, with Clay Bell, Mark Pearrow, and Shayne Gray. The band was signed to Ardent Records, toured North America, appeared on MTV and MTV Canada, and have been cited as an influence for many musicians. In 1995, Aaron Sarlo relocated to Boston, Massachusetts, forming the indie prog rock band, Slept, with Techno Squid's sound engineer, Chris Schuette. In 2009, Sarlo formed the indie rock band, Dangerous Idiots, with former Techno Squid drummer, Shayne Gray, and Paul Bowling (Trusty) on bass. Dangerous Idiots signed with London record label, Mostar Records, in 2011, and their debut album received positive reviews in the British blogosphere, as well as back in Arkansas.

In 2018, Sarlo formed the three-piece indie rock band, Kid City with bassist Matt Rakes and drummer Olivia Glusica. Kid City was a semifinalist in the annual Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase. In 2019, Sarlo released his first solo single, a country-comedy ballad, “Penis Tsunami,” on his label, Legitimate Businessman Entertainment. 

Aaron Sarlo plays music and performs stand-up comedy around the south.

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